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LIME PRICKLY ASH  Zanthoxylum fagara


"I got your attention for a reason. You almost passed right by. I was in full bloom and you barely noticed my nearly invisible blooms, save for the bees buzzing from flower to flower. Hah! Like something else invisible in your world right now? Then you saw them, and you looked closer.

The basic structure of my beautiful flowers was plastered all over your world: TV, magazines, internet. A dense globe-like center covered in spikes with little balls at the ends. They are "sticky" and can attach onto the cells and gain entry, creating an illness. My sticky parts are pollen...

Remember the axiom of homeopathy and the Doctrine of Signatures: "Like treats like".

My flowers and their sticky ends can collect what is no longer needed and roll it on out of the emotional or physical body. I love to handle "sticky" emotional situations where balanced boundaries are needed."

The flowers look like little Corona viruses. Following the Doctrine of Signatures, this flower essence will energetically help the body handle the effects of the virus, from developing good boundaries to adjusting to social distancing recommendations. 

It can help emotionally clear out stagnation while allowing portals for sunshine to enter.


  • Activates circulation, blood and lymphatics
  • Stimulates absorption and elimination, draining toxins, clearing stagnation.
  • Helpful for situations in which people are pushing others away, ie social distancing. It allows the good to come in while maintaining healthy boundaries.


For animals that have lowered immunity and struggle with virus infections or cancer. Our immune system is our physiological boundary system. We do not want to wall everything out, nor do we want to freely allow everything in. 

In emotional situations where the animal may have been rejected or pushed away from someone close to them, intentionally or due to circumstances such as social distancing. For social animals like dogs this can be especially difficult. 

Other uses of the herbal formulation of the plant:

  • Prickly ash is one of the ingredients in the Hoxsey formula used to treat cancer.
  • In folk medicine it has been used to treat pneumonia.
  • In 2005, patents were filed for Prickly Ash preparations that were demonstrated to be potent anti-viral agents against Herpes, Corona, and cold viruses.


    Stock Bottle Ingredients: Pure spring water, organic French cognac to preserve, flower and stone essences listed above.

    For more info on what it's good for and administration please visit FAQS page and blog "WHAT'S IT GOOD FOR?"

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