An unexpected turn of events...

As the story on the HOME page explains, this project came about as an answer to a call I put out to the collective Canine and Feline realms, a call asking them what would support them in their mission during this great collective transformation we and our planet are in the midst of. 

Twenty years of holistic veterinary practice has shown me just how much these little four-legged beings are giving of themselves to their humans: emotional support, companionship, and even taking on certain health burdens.

From a larger perspective, for many people they are their only link to Gaia, to the world of forests, rivers, mountains, plains, to the amazing planet we live on that is our life support system, our Mother.

I had no expectations or plans when I sent the prayer out. As I’ve been told more than once by my own teachers, when asking questions of Spirit, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR, sometimes it can lead you on an unexpected journey or quest and you will have no choice in the matter.

So it was with Mollie and Me. It felt like the animals, the flowers and the stones were in a grand conspiracy and I was just their instrument.

Even when it came to formulating the blends, I have had to pace myself according to Nature’s calendar. Each elemental elixir required me to live through the season of the particular element and experience it's essence.

The Fire Elixir was formulated at the end of summer, Earth Elixir, the end of Indian summer, and so on. I will be releasing each one of them in their own time.  

Each individual essence is also available for those who prefer to work with singles or make their own blends. In the future I may be offering consultations for individualized blends as well.

And if I ever doubted the validity of this project for even a moment, a synchronicity would come along to relieve all of my doubts.

As an example, when I was deciding whether to go ahead and bottle them up for sale, the organic cognac I am using went on a mysterious sale that even the store personnel were surprised about. Spirit does work in mysterious ways!

My intention behind making these elixirs available is to add some joy, ease and grace to every animal’s journey as they walk beside us through life’s challenges.

May they bring happiness and relieve suffering for every sentient being they touch. 

Use them with Love, 

To find out more about FLOWER ESSENCES and STONE MEDICINE please go to BLOG POSTS

Dr Josie Beug is a holistic veterinarian who has a thriving holistic house call practice in South Florida going on 20 years. She is a life-long student of the healing arts, from herbs to oils to energy to stones, integrating ancient knowledge with modern medicine to help her patients live longer, healthier, happier lives. She can be found on-line at drjosies5elements.com.







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