Which Elixir should I choose for my pet?

There are many ways in which an elixir can be chosen. Some of the options below should help get you started, and if you are still uncertain, the Fire Elixir - Heart Wide Open, is always a good starting point.

    1. 5 Element Constitution: choosing based upon the 5 Element system of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine will strengthen the animal’s overall constitution and help bring all 5 elements into balance. What Element is my dog? Take the quiz at drjosies5elements.com to find out!
    2. Organ System: each element corresponds to an organ system in TCVM. If your pet is having an issue with a particular organ system, look up the associated Element on the Table below.
    3. Season of the Year: every Element corresponds to a different season of the year. To help support an animal through a particular season look at the Table below. A wonderful way to balance the whole animal is to administer year around based upon the season.
    4. Specific Issue: if your animal is having difficulty with a specific issue, or a particular remedy just intuitively feels right, try it!
    5. Energetic testing: via Applied Kinesiology, pendulum, muscle testing, or heart-felt intuition. Ask your Animal!






    Small Intestine

    Triple Heater






    Large Intestine





    What if it’s the “wrong remedy”?

    No worries! The Flowers and Stones are extremely forgiving. If the animal does not need the essence than nothing will happen. It may just strengthen them accordingly as a preventative. It will NOT cause aggravations like homeopathic remedies and they do not have side effects to worry about. 

    You can even dose the same remedy via water bowl to all the animal residents of a household and those that need it will get the benefits while those that do not need it will not be affected.

    How do I administer it?

    • ORALLY: directly in the mouth from DOSAGE bottle, a few drops in water bowl, from STOCK or DOSAGE bottle, to be taken throughout the day
    • SPRAY: over the body, bed, crate, or room to clear or enhance the environment
    • TOPICAL: rub into acupuncture points, chakras, trigger points, problem areas of the body

    Mixing Dosage Bottle and Dosing:

    The bottle of Elixir is a STOCK bottle, diluted from the original MOTHER essences. The Elixir can be administered directly from this bottle, but it is recommended to make a DOSAGE bottle to both dilute the alcohol preservative and help the STOCK bottle last longer. Do not worry about the strength of the remedy, diluting it will enhance it, similar to homeopathic remedies.

    To make a DOSAGE bottle:

    • Mix the STOCK bottle by gently tapping the bottom against the palm of your hand.
    • Place a dropper (1 ml) of elixir into a clean 1 oz bottle and fill up with pure spring water. You may also “test out” how many drops to use.
    • Gently mix by tapping against the palm of the hand.
    • Administer 2-10 drops 3-5 times daily, or as indicated above.
    • Mix a new DOSAGE bottle every few days as it will not keep for more than a week.

    How much do I give? For how long?

    Elixirs are most effective if used in a routine, rhythmic dosing schedule over a period of days to months, i.e. 3 days on, 3 days off OR 1 week on, 1 week off OR every day, twice a day.

    An easy way to start is to give twice a day for a couple weeks, or place a dropperful in water bowl every time you change the water. If an urgent situation is at hand, the elixirs can be given every 15 minutes or so during a crisis.

    You can also administer them according to the TCVM clock where every hour corresponds to an organ system.


    Listen to your heart and let your intuition to guide you! And remember, it is not possible to overdose them, as long as you are diluting out the alcohol of course, another reason to make a dosage bottle!

    Are they safe to use with other treatment modalities, ie pharmaceuticals, homeopathies, herbal remedies, acupuncture?

    The beauty of Flower and Stone Elixirs is that they will not interact negatively with other treatment modalities. In fact, they may either enhance them or reduce the need for them. They are perfectly safe to use even if the animals are on multiple pharmaceuticals as they will not cause any drug interactions. 

    Why are they preserved with alcohol?

    The alcohol preserves the stock bottle of remedy and guarantees a longer shelf-life. The remedies are made by actually putting the flower blossoms into the water. Without the alcohol bacterial growth would naturally occur over time. 

    The traditional manner of preserving flower essences developed by Dr Edward Bach used brandy to preserve the essences. Alcohol is water soluble and does not interfere with the essence encoded into the water. 

    The essences from Mollie & Me are preserved with organic French cognac which provides a smoother subtle energy.

    Most animals find alcohol to be very distasteful, especially cats, thus the recommendation of using a DOSAGE bottle for oral administration as described above. It is fine to use the essence straight from the STOCK bottle to place in the water bowl or apply topically. Do NOT apply full strength to broken skin. Remember alcohol burns! For this same reason use a DOSAGE bottle dilution for environmental sprays.

    Why not use glycerin?

    Essences preserved with glycerin have a much shorter shelf-life and should be refrigerated once opened. 

    A glycerin dilution can easily be made at home in the form of a DOSAGE bottle by diluting as described above and adding a few milliliters of glycerin to the bottle. 

    If you want to add a little sweetness to increase the palatability, you can also add a small amount of honey or maple syrup instead of glycerin. 

    What should I expect after giving an elixir?

    Energetic shifts created by flower and stone elixirs are subtle but powerful. Most of the time they occur over time, but sometimes they surprise and happen quickly. The deeper the patterning in the body, the longer it can take to shift. Some things may take months. Give them enough time to work.

    From my own experience taking them, I often find myself saying, “Oh yeah, I forgot that I’ve been taking that elixir, no wonder this is showing up differently.” 

    With animals it will most likely show up in their behavior. I came home and found two of my cats who were archenemies of one another, sleeping curled up next to each other on the bed. They may change their activity levels, toys they play with, or be more present in general. They may just blossom wide open with joy and happiness!