Vibrational Elixirs

Safe, gentle, transformative medicine for the Body, Soul and Spirit.

Wild-crafted by a holistic vet and her dog.


Take a Walk in the Woods With Mollie & Me...

Once upon a time, a girl took a walk with her dog, Mollie, into the deep dark forest...

She was looking for something to soothe her soul, to ease her heartache, to bring joy back into her life…..and to find a gift to bring back for all the animals she cared for.

Little did she know, the forest, trees and flowers had conspired with Mollie, her best friend, to give her the medicine that would do just that.

Most importantly, she had given the Elemental Realms permission to come forth by asking the following question, 

“In return for all of the Unconditional Love and Healing our four-footed friends give to us, what Medicine do they most need to assist them through these times of great change?“

Soon thereafter, flowers began appearing in front of her, waving at her, calling to her,

“Here I am, right here in front of you. Please choose me, I offer up my medicine to you!”

Again and again, wherever she went, the flowers called out to her. Small tiny blooms barely noticeable, amazing exotic flowers, some she had never heard of before. Some had a scent that was intoxicating. Others looked like they had landed from a far distant star.

And not only flowers but the trees wanted to contribute as well: the tall straight pine, mango trees laden with blossoms and fruit, live oaks, protectors of the forest. The mushrooms made their appearance too, springing forth from the forest floor and decaying logs.

The stones asked to be included as well, contributing the energy of the Earth and Metal Elements addressing deeper Source level issues.

She captured the essence of these flowers and stones in the age-old manner of using water and sunshine. And thus, all Five Elements gathered together to create the medicine:

           Wood - plants   Fire - sunshine, Earth  - stones, Metal - crystals, Water - water

To begin your own journey with the medicine offered by the flower and stone realms, please join Mollie and Me for a walk in the woods...

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“The energetic potency of your Snake Plant Essence is exponentially more powerful than anything I have ever tried, in any essence, ever. This essence is energetically structured in a refined, dynamic, and engaging way that reflects a deep level of understanding. I know the quality of this essence is all due to your respectful relationship with her, the Snake Plant, and the greater Plant World. It is amazing. She has been telling me and showing me so many things. Working with a Plant that helps clear out the lungs couldn’t be any more timely these days with COVID19. The Snake Plant also said she is about transformation- deep cellular inter-dimensional transformation… resiliency, and dynamism…and community. The power and unification of groups of Snake Plants I feel right now, just sitting here on my sofa writing to you, is incredible. I know she and I are just at the beginning of our friendship…and I am sure so much more wisdom will unfold."