"What the world needs now, is love, sweet love..."

These are the words that keep coming to mind when I think of this formulation.

We begin the journey of healing in the HEART, "HEART WIDE OPEN" as the HEART is the primary organ associated with the FIRE ELEMENT.

Each and every flower and stone in the Fire Elixir helps to heal, open and support the HEART in some manner.

The HEART is the center. It sits in the middle of the traditional chakra system, with 3 chakras above it and 3 below it.  In TCVM the HEART is the Emperor of the body, the Ruler, surrounded by layers of protection, it is THAT important.

The PERICARDIUM is a sac of tough tissue surrounding the HEART providing the first layer of protection. Another layer of protection comes from the SMALL INTESTINE that sorts and sifts through everything that is swallowed into the body. The Small Intestine is the home of our body's discernment , or ability to tell what is good for it from what is not. The good things are absorbed into the blood stream and the stuff that is not useful is sent on down and out through the intestines. 

Many, if not all, spiritual lineages, say something about Divinity living in the HEART. The Christians form the sign of the cross with the HEART in the center. The Buddhists talk about Buddha-nature residing in the HEART. Indigenous cultures encourage living from the HEART, from the center. 

The HEART generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body. This electromagnetic field can transmit energy to others close by, explaining some of the effects of healing modalities like Reiki and Qi gong. It plays a significant role in the bonding of infants to parents, and has been shown to be necessary in the life of an infant, i.e human infants can and do die without that HEART connection. for more info visit:

In the 5 Element system of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, the FIRE ELEMENT corresponds to the HEART and SMALL INTESTINEas well as a second pair of "organs" called TRIPLE HEATER, loosely corresponding to the Endocrine system,  and PERICARDIUM, which has an anatomical correspondence of the tough ligamentous sac that encloses the HEART.

The correspondences of FIRE ELEMENT:

Emotion: Joy                                      

Season of Year: Summer 

Sound: laughter

Color: red

Sense organ: mouth and tongue

Unfortunately, most sentient beings alive on the Earth have experienced some sort of emotional or HEART wounding, which often results in the HEART being shut down. This can manifest as lack of compassion, resentment, overly empathic, cold and distant, and a myriad of emotional traits. It is the underlying cause of many mental illnesses, depression, addiction and behavioral problems, what are called Shen Disturbances in TCVM.

Many of our animals undergo many kinds of trauma. If not overt physical or emotional abuse,  it can be trauma of moving to a new home, loss of a pack member, trauma at the veterinary hospital, becoming lost on the streets or ending up at a shelter. 

Any physical HEART problem may also benefit from the energetics of this formula, i.e. valvular disease, cardiomyopathy, congestive heart failure. 

Included in every 5 Element kit is a stone medicine charm designed and created especially for Mollie & Me by 

The charm for the FIRE ELEMENT includes:

Rose Quartz: emanates unconditional love and forgiveness. It helps to open the Heart Chakra and restore trust. 

It provides nourishment and comfort as a mother would provide. It is a great help for new puppies recently taken away from their mother or animals recently adopted into a new home as it is calming enough to help promote sleep and rest.

It is calming and reassuring, dissolving emotional wounds from past trauma. A good remedy for abandoned dogs or street dogs, it enables those that never had love given to them before to experience the joy of living.

Rhodonite is also all about love and emotional healing. It clears emotional trauma from the Heart and activates the Heart. 

It heals what is called in TCVM Shen Disturbance: emotional shock or panic that can result in destructive behaviors. It has a calming effect in dangerous or upsetting situations, i.e. thunderstorms, loud crowds of people, fireworks. 

It heals emotional issues that take place in families or between pack members such as sibling or pack rivalry and arguments and aggression between pack members. 

It can help an individual overcome feelings of inadequacy, which may show up as overly submissive behavior, submissive urination, training difficulties, performance difficulties.

It heals emotional scars from grief, loss, breakups, or violence.

In TCVM it gets the Qi flowing in the channels, and strengthens both the endocrine system and the heart itself. 


    • any animals with behavioral issues, or Shen disturbances, 
    • a history of trauma, physical or emotional, heartbreak, heart-ache
    • Constitutional FIRE DOGS (see for a quiz to determine your animals 5 Element type)
    • Seasonal support during the Summer, the season of FIRE
    • to bring the Joy of Living back  as well as laughter
    • physical heart disease

ADMINISTRATION: Visit the FAQS page for further information

  • 5 drops twice a day by mouth from diluted Dosage bottle
  • 1 dropper diluted in water bowl directly from STOCK bottle
  • mist room, crate, dog bed, inside car for calming and reassurance and LOVE
  • rub onto center of chest at HEART chakra either on sternum, at acupuncture point Conception Vessel 17, or just behind shoulder blades at acupuncture point Bladder 15, association point for the HEART.
  • other acupuncture points: HT-7, SI-3, PC-8, An-Shen, TH-5

PSST!!! Here's a secret: you, the human, can take the Elixir too! Everyone's HEART could use a little bit of Love sent it's way! 5 drops under tongue twice a day



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