Close up of gorgeous flowers.
The essence on my outdoor altar under the mango tree.
Two out of five buds fully opened.
Four out of five buds opened.
The flower cluster immediately after being placed in bowl.


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Crown Flower/Ginat Milkweed: Calotropis gigantea


I often speak about the flowers jumping out in front of me. Well, this one was hanging over the walkway, at eye level, so I literally came eye to eye with it. The walkway wound its way through a yard planted with ecosystem friendly plants: butterfly gardens, trees and shrubs to attract migratory birds and indigenous plants.

These flowers were so striking and I had never seen them before. They were on a giant milkweed, a species of milkweed that has unusually thick and meaty leaves that take a while for a monarch caterpillar to eat through, kind of like the rib-eye steak version of milkweed. Anyone who has planted milkweed for Monarch caterpillars knows what voracious eaters they are and how quickly they can strip a plant.

The caterpillars do not eat the flowers so I picked a cluster of blossoms, in various stages of opening, with permission from the plant of course. In fact, the plant would not let me leave without a few of her flowers. I was on the road so I wrapped the small bouquet in a moist paper towel to hopefully allow them to survive the hour long car ride.

I placed them in my bowl of spring water to create the essence expecting them to be weak and wilted with little to no life force left. Well, surprise , surprise! The message of these flowers was their TOUGHNESS. They are the perfect example of surviving really rough conditions with amazing resilience and strength. 

Not only were the 2 open blooms not wilted, over the course of the next 24 hours, all 3 of the flower buds opened up to display these beautiful flowers that look like tough, thick passion flowers.


They spoke to me about OPENING up, opening one's heart and creativity fearlessly, even in the toughest conditions.

The nectar of the plant nourishes and sustains the body. The plant is firmly rooted into the earth, drawing up that earth essence, through its nectar, all the way to the flowers, lending strength and resilience. It speaks of the central channel from the root chakra to the crown chakra, flowing with amrita, or nectar, to open up to the thousand petaled lotus on the crown.

It nourishes inner strength and lends resolve to to take hold of one's life in a direct, potent, positive manner. 

It lends strength to one's inner power to persevere through ordinary and extraordinary challenges. I can think of none more extraordinary than the times we are living in right now. 

It helps one rise from states of helplessness and codependency to states of hardiness, strength, and resourcefulness; a call to action for everyone right now.


  • Animals thought have had difficult current or past situations : rescues, rehoming, loss and grief, getting lost from pack.
  • Animals going through natural disasters: fires, hurricanes, quarantines. 
  • Animals that are overly needy and scared, the Water constitutional types, feeling helpless, futile or having given up, fear aggression, withdrawn, despondent.


Stock Bottle Ingredients: Pure spring water, organic French cognac to preserve, flower and stone essences listed above.

For more info on what it's good for and administration please visit FAQS page and blog "WHAT'S IT GOOD FOR?"


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