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Magnolia: Magnolia grandiflora


I spotted your big white flowers a year ago, on newly planted trees along the path of my morning walk. 

It was not the right time, yet. 

A year passed by, and again your large blooms caught my attention. I brought home one of your magnificent flowers last week and placed it in the big glass bowl of spring water on the altar under the mango tree, hanging low with fruit. Your sweet, heavy scent mingled with that of ripening mango. 

The next morning I awoke, realizing I had left you outside all night long, unintentionally. A big storm of storms had swept through the area in the dark of night. Thunder clapping and lightening striking, the winds blew loose branches and ripe fruit off of the tree. I expected to find you dumped over or filled with rain water. 

The bowl was sitting just as I had placed it and the water had absorbed your perfume. 

Within less than a week, the flames of revolution have been lit across the country, attempting to right the wrongs that have been in place for generations. The ancestors of our ancestors have lived under the domain of the same power structures that we are standing up to in the present moment. The saga continues. 

We are at an intersection of time and space where the potential exists to shift out of centuries old belief systems and paradigms. We are in the birth canal. The birth process is painful, ask any mother who has experienced labor. Our entire planet is going through labor right now.

Magnolia + Storm have stepped forward to offer their assistance.

May 31, 2020

Magnolia is the ANCESTRAL flower. Its genus is 100 million years old and it is thought to be the prototype of the first angiosperms, flowering plants that are pollinated by insects. Magnolias are actually older than bees and butterflies. 

I normally sit with the flower and give you my messages. For this particular essence, since it has so much to do with the "personal is political" aspect of our times, and our intersection with the collective, I have included some messages from other flower essence alchemists that are pertinent. The source websites are included.


The addition of STORM energy to this particular flower gives it a kick, to give us the momentum and impetus to keep moving forward, breaking through any obstacles and obstructions that stand in our path, internal or external, towards a world of our own making.


  • Independence, Independent thinking
  • Discernment, making decisions based upon fact rather than emotion. In the new world of fake news, this could not be more important. Look within for the answers.
  • Imbalanced: relationships that are depleting, allowing others "to walk all over us", like the beetles who pollinate magnolias walk all over the petals. 
  • Modulating the aggravation of symptoms in a healing crisis so they do not become overwhelming.
  • Stabilizes and protects from outside energetic influences; this may include radiation, negative states of consciousness, EMF?, viruses?, thought viruses as propaganda?
  • Clears darkness and fear and assists through major transitions, births and deaths. We are in the birth canal right now, between the worlds. Assists with the integration of the new. 
  • "Magnolia helps us come to peace with the way things are and what’s to come, making space for gentle transformations. For that reason, Magnolia flower is supportive for major transitions like birth and death, or for those times when we feel that an aspect of ourselves is dying or being reborn"
  • "Accept that battles will result from the rearguard action of old beliefs, but remember that these battles are for your own personal freedom."

Stock Bottle Ingredients: Pure spring water, organic French cognac to preserve, flower and stone essences listed above.

For more info on what it's good for and administration please visit FAQS page and blog "WHAT'S IT GOOD FOR?"


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