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  • WOOD Constitutional types. Please check out the quiz at drjosies5elements.com to find out what 5 Element constitution your dog is. 
  • To balance the WOOD Element:  TCVM Liver/Gallbladder, smooth flow of qi, Springtime
  • To support : anger, aggression, impatience

For more info on what it's good for and administration please visit FAQS page.


Stock Bottle: Pure spring water, organic French cognac to preserve, flower and stone essences listed above.


Five Element Kit: 1 oz STOCK bottle, empty 1 oz DOSAGE bottle, 1 fine mist top, 5 Element collar charm, surprise for human. 

For more info see BLOG

Deluxe Kit: 1 oz STOCK bottle, 1 oz empty DOSAGE bottle, 1 fine mist top

Just the Elixir: 1 oz STOCK bottle


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