They are an elegantly simple, profoundly powerful form of healing at the emotional and soul level. 

Humans have been attracted to flowers for as long as both of them have been evolving. Flowers are the plants' reproductive organs. Their purpose is to attract pollinators to visit them so they can then produce seed and fruit and further the species. Yet they need that help from other species and reach out into the world offering themselves, looking for help.

Flowers have been used in every culture around the world as medicine, tea, gifts of love and offerings. They are present at nearly every ceremony or ritual that marks a life transition: births, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, illnesses and funerals. They are left as offerings to the Divine in temples, churches, and sacred places all around the globe. 

The sight and scent of a flower can have an instantaneous effect on one's emotional state, as the saying "stop and smell the roses" can attest to. 

In modern times, flower essences were formally developed by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s in England. He was a medical doctor researching early vaccines. He developed a chronic illness which motivated him to research and develop a modality of healing that could be found in nature and that could heal at the level of the soul. 

Before he died, 20 years after his initial prognosis, he had developed 38 flower essences that we know as the Bach Flower Essences. One of them, a combination of 5 single essences called RESCUE REMEDY, is commonly used in veterinary medicine for animals who need soothing in times of crisis. 

He initially made them by collecting the first early morning dew off of the flowers, a method that was depicted in Middle Age pictorials. It was so labor intensive, that he developed an easier method by floating the flowers in water in glass bowls placed by the mother plant, allowing the alchemy of water, sun and time to capture the essence.

This is the exact method used to wild-craft Mollie & Me's flower elixirs.

In recent years flower essences have made a comeback and herbalists around the world are making essences of flowers from all different ecosystems and habitats. It is if the flowers are stepping forward volunteering their services to help us remember the path of our soul's evolution on this planet.

How do they help us heal?

They are a form of vibrational medicine, healing the subtle emotional bodies.

For a flowering plant, an angiosperm, the peak or culmination of their life path is the flower. The flower allows them to reproduce and create a new generation. The spiritual essence of a flower, sometimes seen as a flower deva or faery, helps us to reach our full soul's potential. 

The different flowers resonate at different frequencies helping to clear out old emotional patterns and programs that are keeping us from evolving and developing the path our Soul is yearning for. 

They reconnect communication pathways between our physical-psycho-spiritual mind-body continuum, that also reconnects us to the outer environment.

Every flower essence I have ever connected with starts at a place of LOVE, whether it is a form of Love like Gratitude, Peace, Grace or Joy, they give us compassion, and from there everything else can fall into place. 

Animals in particular respond very well to flower essences. Often the physical and emotional environment of our domesticated animals are not as peaceful and nourishing as they need. Many animals spend most of the day inside, are subject to electronic pollution, artificial lighting and indoor air pollution. They are also subject to all of their human families emotional stresses that are a part of modern society. 

Flower essences are a great way to mitigate many of these stresses without the worry of side effects. They are easy to administer and will not cause any harm.

There are several ways to administer them, the easiest is to place 3-4 drops in the water bowl. the water will dilute out the alcohol that is used to preserve them and every time the animal takes a drink throughout the day, they will get a small dose of the elixir. 

They can also be used topically, rubbed into the ear on the top of the head at the crown or third eye chakra and on the chest at the Heart chakra. They may also be rubbed into acupuncture pints as part of an acupressure protocol.

A thrid method is to dilute them in spring water and use them as a room mist, to spray in cars, crates, near bedding to clear the space and change the vibration, helping to calm the animal. 



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