The 5 Element kits were designed to support one of the 5 Elements.

What is included in the kit?

  • Flower + Stone Elixir formulated to support one of the 5 Elements
  • Empty bottle and mist spray top to make a dilution of the Stock Elixir and an aura spray
  • Stone medicine collar charm to support the particular Element
  • Surprise pocket stone for the human, or to place in water bowl, under dog bed/pillow, or use to make your own elixir

What are the 5 Elements?

The 5 elements were originally described by the ancient Taoists based upon their meditations and observations of the world around them and within them. The Elements are seen as functional processes that both create, and destroy, the world. Metaphysically, there is no creation without destruction; uncontrolled growth or creation is not sustainable.



Everything manifest in the Universe contains all 5 Elements, although 1 or 2 Elements usually predominate over the others. The Taoists were all about BALANCE and HARMONY, within the body itself and between the body and the external environment.

From their observations, they developed a full system of correspondences between the 5 Elements, the interior of the body and the external world.

In Taoism, HEALTH = BALANCE, i.e. all 5 Elements working in balance and harmony with one another. 

If one Element is stronger or weaker than the others, the entire system is thrown off balance and dis-ease will result. 

The "Constitutional" Element:

In both animals and people, there is often one Element, sometimes two, that really describes their core being: their personality, behavioral quirks, patterns of health and wellness, even their favorite past-times. 

This Element is referred to as the Constitutional Element.

If you would like to take a quiz to find out your animal's constitutional element, please go to QUIZ.

The 5 Elements and Seasons of the Year

The 5 Element system describes the interaction between the internal and external environments. Each Element corresponds to a seasonal time of year. The seasons of the year correspond to the seasons of life as well:

  • birth/youth = spring = Wood
  • young adult = summer = Fire
  • adult = late summer = Earth
  • senior = autumn = Metal
  • geriatric = winter = Water

By understanding these correspondences we can take preventative actions to help support the body through the various seasons of the year, and of life.

For example, in Winter, herbs and foods that are warming and support the Bladder and Kidney can be given. Those same herbs and foods and treatments can be used in a geriatric animal to support them during the "Winter" time of their life.

The 5 Elements and the Body:

The 5 Elements correspond to the organs, body parts, sense organs and emotions as well. 

Again, by strengthening and supporting the Element, we can support the corresponding organ, body part, sense organ and orifice. 

For example, WOOD Element corresponds to;

  • ORGANS: Liver and Gallbaldder
  • BODY PART: tendons and ligaments
  • SENSE ORGAN: eye
  • EMOTION: anger, frustration

Every Element. for Everybody

As you can see, everyone can use the support of every Element, with the end goal being to keep all 5 of them in balance with one another, happy and healthy, just like we want our animals to be! 

If there are no particular issues you are aware of, or you just do not know where to start, you can always use the Elixir corresponding to a season of the year, during that season, and rotate through all 5 throughout the year, ie Fire Elixir in Summer, Earth Elixir in Late Summer, Metal in Autumn, Water in Winter and Wood in Spring.

Or, even simpler, pick one that feels right and try it! 

The Elixirs are extremely forgiving, and will only help where help is needed without creating aggravations or side effects. 

Use them with Love and have fun with them,




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